Do I need life cover?

Life Insurance – Is it Right for you?


Most people today will invariably have some life insurance which will pay out on death either over a given time (Term Assurance) or for the rest of your life (Whole of Life).

It never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t actually review their Life Insurance especially when a lot of the time it was originally taken out to pay off a mortgage on death.  People are very busy perhaps move house and often forget to update their life insurance to reflect the higher mortgage on their new home.  This means that the mortgage that they thought would be paid off on death won’t actually be!

There are also other people that we come across that have life cover but don’t actually need it any longer because their circumstances change as often happens in  person’s lifetime!  The key message here is to review your existing Life Insurance arrangements to ensure they are still suitable for your cirumstances today.


We offer a free review service on your existing life insurance policies.  Please contact us today to discuss this with us and ensure you have the right cover for you and your family.