How much money will you need in retirement?  What will your expenses be?  What age will you retire at? How long will I live for?  Is my existing pension (s) enough for me to retire on? These are some key questions amongst many others that we need to think about in order to enjoy our retirement.

Many of us nowadays will live well into our 80’s and unless we want to work until we drop we need to plan for our retirement and we can help you put a retirement plan in place including looking at your existing pension provisions and/or putting new pension provisions in place.

The new pensions legislation allows you to take your pension benefits from age 55 whilst also allows you to utilise ‘drawdown’ as well as buying an ‘annuity’.  These can be complicated but we aim to explain the retirement options to you simply and in plain English so that we can work together to recommend the best retirement plan for you.

Contact us today and we can help you with understanding your existing pensions and help you with any shortfall in your income in retirement.

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